The Most Wonderful News Possible

One very happy family!

One very happy family!

Monday June 23 was the best day ever.

While I continue to document my Acid Trip of Stage III breast cancer and spinal cord resection, I have remarkable news to share.

I picked up my lasted mammogram results through a patient portal on Sunday and confirmed on Monday with my surgeon David McCready.

Comparison is made to prior study of January 27 2014. The patient status post lumpectomy on the left.

The breasts show scattered fibroglandular densities.
There are no dominant nodules or suspicious calcifications seen in either breast.
IMPRESSION: No evidence of malignancy. Routine follow-up as recommended.

Emily, Solomon and I cried tears of joy, over and over. Although the risk of recurrence is high, I’m in the clear for now!

We left the hospital with an indescribable sense of relief.

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